Actively Seeking Mineral and Royalty Interests in Texas, Oklahoma, and across the United States.
Managing Partner of Lowe Partners,  LP and Lowe Royalty Partners, LP

During the late 1930's, Ralph Lowe,  owner of a Texaco gas station located on the corner of Wall and Colorado Street in Midland, Texas, (the current home of the Midland Tower Building built by Mr. Lowe in 1947) became acquainted with Texaco personnel associated with oil exploration.  These relationships afforded him the opportunity to enter  the oil business through a farmout of the Seth Campbell Lease in Winkler County, Texas from Texaco. Using a contract cable tool rig, he completed his first oil well in June 1940 named the #1 Seth Campbell.  In 1941 he purchased a cable tool rig and by 1943 had drilled 25 oil wells along the Colby Sand Trend of Winkler County.  From 1943 - 1962 Ralph Lowe developed properties in or was associated with such fields as the Fullerton Field, Midland Farms Area, Welch Field of Dawson County, Texas, Deep Rock Area of Andrews County, Texas, Coyanosa Field, Pecos County, Texas, Cooper-Jal Area of Lea County, New Mexico, Denton and Gladiola Fields of Lea County, New Mexico, and Indian Basin Upper Penn Gas Field of Eddy County, New Mexico.  After Ralph Lowe's death in 1965, Maralo has continued its activity with the drilling of over 500 Wells.

Maralo's emphasis continues to focus on growth through the acquisition of mineral and royalty interests throughout the United States.